The company was founded in 1950 in Milan, the Italian capital of art and fashion, and the founders created the name Flormar by combining the names of their two daughters, Floridita and Maria.

Flormar then moved the company to Istanbul, a dynamic city celebrating the link between Asia and Europe; focusing on the production of nail polishes.

Flormar is the number one make-up brand of Turkey with 35% market share; and one of the top make-up brands in Europe. Now, as a Yves Rocher brand, Flormar competes in the markets of 104 countries in seven continents.



No tests on animals.

International certifications: ISO 9001, GMP, Halal

Audited by Bureau Veritas

An exceptional new product development time: 8 months on average

1/3 of range refreshed each year

Fully automated production

A pioneer in terms of performance and quality

7-Free non-toxic.


European Nail Polish is the distributor of Flormar in the US.


Flormar, the best nail polish of Europe and Turkey. Flormar's United States distributor is europeannailpolish.com