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Flormar nail enamel Review

Flormar nail polishes are a great combination of price and quality: they are so cheap, very pigmented and dry pretty quickly even with the second coat on! Also, they last from 3 to 7 days depending on which formula you’ve chosen. Flormar nail enamels have a very impressive variety that is updated every season with new textures and colors! And today, I’m doing a Flormar nail enamel Review! Enjoy!!!



The nail lacquer comes in a unique glass bottle with black detailing – it’s like a piece of ice cube with an attached neck! The shape makes it very easy to store.


Flormar’s legendary nail polish is easy to apply and very shiny thanks to its special formula. The different varieties of Flormar Nail Enamel stay shiny and last for a long time. With its wide choice of colours, glossy, matt and glitter nail polish options are waiting for you!


The brush of these nail polishes makes the application very easy so that it glides very smoothly on the nail. A single coat does not do justice to the colors; you will need at least two coats. The deepness of the color gets accentuated with the second coat. This is not a fast-drying nail paint per say.

The longevity:

And now, the most important aspect of the nail polish review – the longevity. This one gave me a solid 4-day wear, which is very rare for me. On the 5th day, it started chipping and I could see it receding from the nail tip. With a base coat and top coat, the longevity of the nail paint can obviously be increased.

Another thing in its favor – the nail paint does not lose its sheen and shine. I have seen nail paints which look amazing on day 1, but by day 2, the shine and glossiness disappears.

It’s really worth buying nail polishes from Flormar. I will totally recommend them to you! All their nail polishes are a keeper and I wouldn’t mind buying again.


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