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Flormar seems to be the hottest brand around at the moment. Everyone is talking about it and everyone is super excited about it's recent launch in Ireland. The first time I ever came across Flormar a few years ago in Barcelona where it was an actual shop and not just a stand. Even though I am brutal with directions I always found my way back to the store to pick up some bits.

The first Flormar product I ever bought was one of their nail polish in a bright neon pink shade. I loved it!! It was so gorgeous against a strong tan. In light of that I think it's only fair that the first Flormar product I review is nail polish. Today I am going to show you just a few shades from their collection and tell you a little about them. 

Flormar Matte White Board is probably my favourite of the whole collection. As always I apply a base coat, two thin layers of colour and a top coat to give my nail paint some protection from chipping and peeling. I have worn this shade a few times and everytime I get atleast five days out of it which is incredibly impressive for such an affordable brand.
Another thing I love about Flormar Matte White Board is that it manages somehow to stay super clean unlike white polishes I have used in the past.

Flormar Purr Cat is a gorgeous nude shade and definitely one every girl needs in her collection. I used this polish with both a matte and a high shine top coat and it looked great.
Just like the matte polish above I got roughly about five days out of it before the first little chip appeared. Applying thin layers and allowing each one dry fully before painting on the next will give you the best results.
Also I just think the shade name Purr Cat is super cute!! A girl really cannot have too many nude lip or nail colours. 

I was also sent out the gorgeous bright and vibrant shades below. From left to right we have NO13, JL03 Coral Red and QD03 Bright Coral. 

The neon pink shade (NO13) is very similar to the one I purchased on my holidays. I wore this on my hands and my toes and it was a fab little lift to a dark outfit. 

The jelly look shade (JL03 Coral Red) applies a teeny tiny bit thicker to the nails to the other polishes but that's okay. The intention of ''jelly look'' is to give that gel polish finish look to the nail. 

Last but not least is a stunning quick dry coral shade, QD03 Bright Coral. To be honest I thought that all the Flormar polish dried fast but if you are in a rush leaving the house this one is a slight bit quiker. It's perfect for all you girlies who leave the nail painting until the last minute.

Which of the above do you like the look of?
Have you tried any of the Flormar polishes or any other product from the new and exciting range?


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