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Flormar matte nail enamels come in a thick glass bottle which is a bit different from regular bottles in a way that the glass is dense and a little tinted giving the nail enamel a frosted look which looks very catchy. The cap is black and pretty long which provides good hold on the brush for easier application. The content size is 11 ml. 
 I find the applicator brush a little thin for my taste. I like the ones that are thick so as to cover the nail with one swipe. But its a personal preference, nothing wrong with the product itself. 
 Now coming to the swatches of the nail enamel. Here is what it looks like after two coats. All pictures have been taken with a flash light. 
My Experience:

I am a big fan of Flormar's nail paint's range. They have a vast variety when it comes to nails. I simply love their colors and excellent formulation. This is the first time I am using their matte nail shades and I am simply smitten with them. The shade you see above is M05, I suppose M stands for matte here. They have not named their colors rather numbered them. Its a beautiful turquoise matte color and appears quite opaque after two applications. The matte quality is quite good. It tends to make my hands and feet appear fairer. However in the pictures above, I am surprized, they are looking quite tan. 
It takes about a minute for the nail color to dry. Once you are done applying on both hands, you can promptly re apply on the first hand since it has dried out completely by that time. The formulation of the nail colors is thick which makes it a bit streaky over the nails so you need to be really careful with the application. This also means that the nail paints may dry out pretty quick. I would recommend using them alot before they dry out in the bottle since I have a hunch they will. 
I am impressed with the lasting ability of this nail color. It lasted on me for 3 to 4 days without chipping and that too without a top coat. With a top coat it will last even longer. All in all I absolutely love this nail color and recommend buying it if you are into matte nails
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